MOUNTAIN's overarching purpose is symbiotic. We create for ourselves what we aim to create for you, time and freedom. A motivating belief in which each VSM plugs in their own purpose. A hand pulling up a hand. 

Petra Thomson


After spending 20+ years working in rewarding roles in the City / London in industries such as Fixed Income, Hedge Funds, Life Sciences and Equities, I decided that it was time to get some balance back into my life.  This is what I would like for you too.

My MOUNTAIN purpose is a 100% focus on you as my client.  My years of valuable experience and expertise free me up for more creative thinking, a direct benefit to you. You gain an uninterrupted mindset powerfully focusing on the fine details.

I have a creative and enquiring mind which leads me to my mindful place.  I am a maker, be it of paper crafts or fabric, it makes me truly happy to be able to create something for someone.  The ability to have the freedom of thought and time is something I bring to my Mountain life.


Paula Williams


I have a rich and varied career working in creative, corporate and entrepreneurial environments. This wealth of skills and knowledge, plus 14 years’ experience as an Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist for Film and Television have uniquely forged my tool set. 
A recent ADHD diagnosis was the light bulb moment of how to take these skills to greater heights with an understanding of the super power I can offer you. You gain a confident, straight talking and intuitive problem solver with an inventive grasp, keeping things simple and to the point. I bring fresh air and a clear view to see past the trees, straight to the heart of the end goal.
My life purpose is to create harmony and balance with the freedom MOUNTAIN offers. To stop and enjoy the view, I nurture my creativity through watercolour, gardening and renovating vintage furniture.


CJ Hughes


I have organised and managed business relations for C Suite Executives, spanning corporate, SME and FTSE 500 global functions as well as post-production and TV. I am APM PFQ certified, a Master Results Coach and NLP Practitioner whose voluntary pursuits have focussed on education, mentorship and outreach.

My grass roots are simple.  A philanthropic couple's water baby, born in the African bush. You will benefit from my organic heartfelt creativity, capped with my experienced practicality and business acumen. 

I am passionate about generating the time and freedom to enjoy what matters in life. This purpose has forged the symbiosis of MOUNTAIN. I expand time for adventure, fitness, the solace of baking, painting and  countryside/beach moments with my dog. 

 Let me and MOUNTAIN be the hand that leads you to the pinnacle.