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Experience You Can Trust

Life can be filled with the freedom, time and choice to enjoy more quality moments. Yours may be family or having focus on a call.  Whatever that is and at whatever level of business you may be in or personal journey, this is where you can choose to let go in order to maximise your time and accomplish more of what you need to help others, by making one decision - invest in support. MOUNTAIN is here to support business operations and lifestyle goals through the strength and sturdiness of experience. You don't get a person, you get a team of high calibre, long in the tooth, top of our game Virtual Support Managers (VSM) working to give you peace of mind.

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I have lived around the world overcoming obstacles, spending my career delivering high quality business support and management services whilst building a unique set of skills in artistry, filmmaking, coaching, holistic therapy and communications.

I formed this company to work exclusively with clients who are invested in making their bucket list a reality. At MOUNTAIN we are in the business of life. There has never been a better time to form partnerships that do our world proud. If companies can operate cross country or globally with little or no in-person contact, there is absolutely every reason that virtual solutions work, when the application and relationship management is right. We at MOUNTAIN have worked virtually and managed virtual teams for a number of years, it works. Add values alignment and that is a recipe for success!


We live in a world that is becoming smaller and in order to do good we must align in values. At MOUNTAIN we believe in being the best and purest version of ourselves. Relationships here are built on the following values - it's how we treat ourselves, treat you and choose the right partnerships.

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Services Available

Let's Build Your New Life Together

We have three distinct buckets of fully-virtual services available. The virtual office that sits behind these services has provisions in place to ensure data security. Once you identify the bucket that fits your need and have had a look at the pricing plans, let's talk, define your requirements and get you going. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more or with any questions - we're happy to help.

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Personal Goals Bucket

Concierge service focussed but not limited to travel, activity planning, events, expense management. Personal goal coaching and mentorship.